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Chapter 14 Examples (4th Edition)

File Page Description
firstJS.html 433-434 First JavaScript Example
VBscript.html 435 VBScript Example
Note: this example will only work in Internet Explorer browsers.
function.html 438 JavaScript Function Example
noscript_tag.html 439-440 JavaScript and noscript
core_events.html 443-445 Core Events
meet_greet.html 453 JS Meet and Greet Example
meet_greet2.html 454 JS Meet and Greet Example 2
dhtml.html 455 Dynamic Paragraph DHTML Style
Note: this example works in Opera 7 and Internet Explorer
dynamic_para.html 456 Dynamic Paragraph DOM Style
Note: this example will not work in Opera.
dynamic_page.html 457 Dynamic Page Example
CSS_via_DOM.html 458-459 CSS via the DOM Example
cross_browserJS.html 460-461 Cross Browser Layer Visibility
last_modified.html 462 Last Modification Date Example
browser_detect.html 463 Browser Detect Example
Note: this example will identify Opera as Internet Explorer. The scrolling marquee will only work in Opera 7 and later.
pulldown_nav.html 463-464 Pull-down Menu Navigation Example
rollover.html 465-466 Rollover Script Example
form_validation.html 467-468 Simple Form Validation Example
form_check.html 468-470 Form Check Example
(X)HTML Elements
CSS Properties

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